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Day 12 – Help Wanted: Accountability

A few weeks ago I had the occasion to hear someone speak on the topic of setting intention. The presenter shared a few scenarios where one might name a goal, but over time focus becomes clouded and lost to any number of distractions. What stuck with me most was his statement about accountability, that the simple act of sharing your intention with someone can help you keep on track.

So I am writing this intention as a form of accountability. I want to start making things. Specifically, I want to learn how to work with fabric to make clothing. I mostly want to make things for myself, but maybe someday for others too. My mother was great at sewing, and really, talented in many fiber arts. As she upgraded her equipment, she always handed down her older sewing machines to me. And I used them. As much as my middle school home economics training and tenacity would allow, I made Halloween costumes for my girls, pillows, and curtains of all kinds. I mended and altered many clothing pieces for a better fit. Over the years, I have purchased several patterns and supplies, but I can’t think of one thing I ever finished. I think part of my failure was I didn’t start at the beginning, I started at the end. I was focused on a product, not the process.

I want to make a wearable item, this is my intention, my goal. I have already purchased a pattern for a simple dress from an online shop. There are no pockets, zippers, darts, or plackets. The neckline is formed by encasing a length of 2-inch elastic, I am confident I can do that. I need to get fabric and thread and I am ready to sew. Unfortunately, the bulk of the project cannot start until May 1st, when the two classes I am currently enrolled in wrap up. Hopefully, this community can provide the accountability I need to be ready to start sewing on May 1st. Any recommendations for fabric available online or locally (northeastern Illinois) are welcome. Thanks in advance for the support.

Also, I kinda want to add pockets. It’s a process.


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5 responses to “Day 12 – Help Wanted: Accountability”

  1. Sew!

    Delightful intention! ❤️

    Fabric resources: Check out Sewing Happiness. A beautiful book!


  2. I am taking your piece as an admonition to myself. You sure sound ready to do this, you have lots of skills built up. I am reminded of a friend of mine who learned to knit. She said, don’t buy cheap yarn for your ‘learning’ projects. Always buy gorgeous yarn. That way you will stay in love with your project and finish it. I pass this on to you as you go fabric shopping!
    Oh, and I just love that last interjection about the pockets!

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  3. Love this idea Melanie!

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  4. I love that you are setting an intention for something that has been on your to do list!


  5. I love this idea of doing things you have always intended to do! I just bought a new notebook today- I think I will make a list of my intentions!

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